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Get It All Out There

An honest blog of reflection,
memories and mental health


This is a new blog I’ve started to write down my thoughts, reflections and memories so they don’t stay trapped in my head, literally to get it all out there. My aim for this blog is just to have a space where I can reminisce about old times, open up a bit about my mental health, share my poetry and generally just write about stuff as it comes up. I am not going to hold back so strap yourselves in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. (That said, if you want to skip straight to the poetry, click here)

I hate writing this bit because it sounds like utter wank but if you like some of what you read, consider subscribing at the bottom of the page and then you’ll get emails or notifications or carrier pigeons telling you if I’ve written a new post.
(Carrier pigeons may or may not arrive at your house)

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